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About Slipz

Why why why...

Life is not always and black and white.
But not just pink and light blue either.

Tolerance and acceptance of all people is important to us.
Trans * people are different and, in our opinion, deserve attention and support on their difficult path - regardless of whether you are transgender, transsexual or transident or find yourself in a different definition.

So we were quite surprised when we were made aware that there are very few suitable, comfortable underwear for mtf people. We did some research and had to find out that what is available on the - quite international - market for trans * panties is not really ideal: the patterns we received were hard, quilted umpteen times and inelastic. They had tight seams and were uncomfortable ... and expensive.

Our ambition was awakened!

The team has many years of experience in the fashion industry, from development, through purchasing and production to sales in niche markets.
And so we took on this new challenge with enthusiasm and enthusiasm!

With a dear young friend and her family, we tested many prototypes together and further developed our cuts. The "poor" had to keep trying new things until we were all 100% satisfied. It was a long process, with some setbacks and always new ideas, but it was worth it!

The Slipz are produced exclusively for us according to our specifications in a company specializing in underwear in the EU, mostly by hand. We know the company and the owner family personally and are very happy to have won them as a partner for us!

Now we are proud and happy to present the first Slipz collection for mtf trans * people:
- a comfortable, feminine cut
- Top quality fabrics
- wonderfully elastic, as we know it from "normal" underwear
- Concealing in the front without painfully squeezing the genitals
... and all at a reasonable price!

Enjoy the new Slipz for all mtf people with us!

Designed in Germany.
Made in Europe.
For your world.

If you have any questions, or if you need further information, we are always just a phone call or email away and we are happy to help.

Stefan, for the whole team


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