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Exchange and return

The statutory right of withdrawal

Of course this also applies to us and your slipz!

For the sake of fairness, however, we want to point out the point that the Slipz underwear and with it Hygiene products are. For reasons of health protection and hygiene, these are excluded from exchange and return! You probably don't want to receive any "used underpants" from us either ...

In order to enable you to exchange and / or return the Slipz that have not been used, we have them (or the pack) with a Hygiene seal sealed.

As long as the hygiene seal has not been broken, we can exchange the Slipz for you or take it back. But only then, out of consideration for our other customers!

Basically, we recommend that you order a single Slipz as your first order, So that you can try it on in peace at home and put it through its paces.

Alternatively, you can of course already order one of our savings sets, but you should only open one pack to try it on, so that you can return or exchange the unopened ones if necessary.

At a Partial return of a set we will reimburse you for the difference to the individual product that you keep.

At a Exchange of the unused slipz from a set in a different size, for example, as a gesture of goodwill, we will take over the new shipping costs or the portion thereof, as with the original order. This means that you may pay shipping costs, but only as much as if you were to order the same set again.
Example Germany:
You had ordered a set of three, which we delivered free of charge because you came over the 50 limit..
You want to exchange 2 of them for a different size. We will deliver these again for free, instead of calculating the shipping cost of 4.95, even though you are now below 50.t.
International example, here Austria:
For the set of three you paid a shipping cost of only 7.95 because you got over the 50 limit..
For the exchange of the 2 pieces you then only pay the portion of 7.95, instead of the shipping costs actually incurred in the amount of 12.95, although you are now below the 50 limit.t.

In any case, if you want to exchange, you can order additional Slipz in order to benefit from or achieve free shipping!


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