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Our tip for you:

Use a laundry bag when washing your Slipz in the washing machine!

Especially for our Slipz we offer you our cotton laundry bag so that you can enjoy your Slipz for a long time.

Wash your Slipz in the wash bag so that it keeps its shape through a gentle wash cycle. If you already have a similar bag, you can of course also use it. However, we recommend that you wash your Slipz in a wash bag in any case, so that they are as protected as possible!

The"washing bag"was specially designed in the right size for our models.
Because it is made of cotton like the Slipz, both wash perfectly together.

Size:approx. 30 x 20 cm

material:100% cotton

Made in Germany by Slipz

How do you determine the size of your slipz?

Even if you've never had a slipz before, it's easy to do if you keep the following in mind:

You can best see the cut of the slipz on the pictures with the models.
On these pictures you can also see where the slipz are roughly in the hip area.

Please note that the Slipz have a feminine cut and sit relatively low!
So not at waist or navel level, but pretty much at the hip.

Please measure your circumference at hip height and compare it with our size chart:

Size table in cm:

size Hip circumference
XS 70-75
S. 76-82
M. 83-89
L. 90-95
XL 96-102
2XL 103-109
3XL 110-115
4XL 116-121

Your right size is
where your measured hip circumference
fits within the specified range.

Due to the high percentage of elastane, the Slipz will adapt well to your body shape, if you observe this measure!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Samey T.
Is well made and does it's job splendidly....

Is well made and does it's job splendidly. :)

Laszlo D.
5 stars Bewertung von Laszlo

5 stars Bewertung von Laszlo

Ben J.
4 stars Bewertung von Ben

4 stars Bewertung von Ben

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